His hands and feet were amputated,  but he pretended to be an IS officer!

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His hands and feet were amputated, but he pretended to be an IS officer!

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A young college student in Delhi was going back to his village. The train was moving towards Lucknow very fast, seeing the world outside the window passing quickly, the thoughts in his heart were also changing rapidly, sometimes he was immersed in the thought of his bright future and sometimes he was thinking of his past. I would get lost, meanwhile, the train had an accident. Both his legs were amputated, and one hand was also amputated. He was rushed to the hospital. When his eyes opened after the operation, he discovered that he had lost both his legs. One hand is only half saved. There was darkness before his eyes. Family members loved ones and relatives were all around his bedside who were trying to comfort him, but their sympathetic voices were not reaching his ears. Because he was lost in the dark paths of his dark future. This accident happened in his life on January 29, 2017, which changed his life. After months of treatment, he finally recovered and returned home.

Now there were two options before him, either lose the game of life, adopt a life of disability, and get lost in dark paths, or try again to find the brilliance of his future in the circumstances. He chose another path.

He resumed his studies, and after graduation, he started MA in Russian from JNU, meanwhile, he started preparing for UPSC, after preparing during Corona when he took the exam. He failed the interview. He prepared again and finally passed the Civil Services Examination of 2022 with a good rank.

His name is Suraj Tiwari, a resident of Kiswa Karoli, a village in Manipur, UP. Accidents keep happening in human life. But victory comes to those who accept accidents as challenges rather than obstacles in their lives. When a person accepts a challenge in his life, a new spirit, new energy, and a new soul are born in him. Then he performs such feats, which a common man finds impossible.

If you too have given up on your life. So, turn your difficulties into opportunities and make a fresh start.