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Indian Muslim Scholars Call for Communal Harmony

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Muslims should give up blaming the governments and take it upon themselves to devise effective strategies for a decent life and bright future.

By Ghulam Rasool DehlviIMG_20150130_171028

New Delhi:
The All India Muslim Scholars Association (Kul Hind Jamiat Ulama Ahlus Sunnat wal Jama’at) organized an event titled “Ulama-e-Hind ka Mushawarati Ijlas” (All India Muslim Scholars’ Meet) at Delhi’s India Islamic Cultural Centre. This Muslim intelligentsia’s meet drew considerable number of Muslim scholars, Ulema and intellectuals from across the nation, mostly from Kerala, Uttar Pradesh and the capital itself. They brainstormed the ways to get united, sophisticated and integrated to work for the all-round development of the Indian Muslim polity. Paramount importance was attached to the educational and intellectual awakening of the Muslim students, particularly Madrasa graduates. The Jamiat Ulama Ahle Sunnat wa Jama’at is an apex forum of Sunni-Sufi Muslim organisations and institutions of national eminence, primarily concerned with education, social revivalism and human resources development of the Indian Muslims. It was established at a representative meeting of the leading Sunni ulema and intellectuals, most prominently Shaikh Abu Bakr Ahmad founder and chancellor of Markaz Saquafa Sunniyya (Sunni Cultural Centre), Kozhikode (Kerala), Syed Muhammad Ameen Mian Quadri, the custodian (Sajjada Nasheen) of the Khaanqaah-e-Marehra Sharif (a renowned Sufi Shrine in UP) and Mufti Akhtar Raza Khan Azhari, the Islamic jurist of Ahle Sunnah and patron of the Khanqah Rizvia, Bareilly, UP. Noted South Indian scholar, educationist and social activist popularly known as Abul Aytam (father of orphans) in the Muslim world, Shaikh Abu Bakr Ahmad is the General Secretary of the All India Muslim Scholars Association at present. Lamenting the sorry state of affairs Indian Muslims are constantly plagued with, Shaikh Abu Bakr said that Muslims should just give up blaming the governments and take it upon themselves to devise effective strategies for a decent life and bright future. He said that government should always be accorded its due respect, be it BJP or any other party. At the end of the Scholars’ Meet, Maulana Hamdi Raza Barkati, syllabus director of the Islamic Board of Education, presented the resolutions which all the participants approved of. In the resolutions, they strongly expressed concerns over rising communalism in the country and denounced it as a handiwork of the extremists, who violate the country’s constitution and laws to further their nefarious ends. They also made resolutions to exert concerted scholarly efforts to preserve the democratic and secular edifice of the Indian polity. The resolution also appealed to all Indian citizens, particularly the mainstream peace-loving Muslims, to champion the noble cause of communal harmony and social affinity, establishing peace and fostering brotherhood with an aim to fail the evil designs of the extremists and hate-mongers.
(The writer is a Delhi-based classical Islamic research scholar and English-Arabic-Urdu writer. He can be reached at:[email protected])