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Jeddah: While Europe was grappling through the “Dark Ages,” the Muslims were thriving and experiencing what was for them, “the Golden Ages.” They made groundbreaking discoveries and inventions in areas of astronomy, mathematics, medicine, mechanics, and more; they greatly influenced the lives of people and served as a foundation for educating generations for years to come. To showcase 1,000 years of scientific, technological, and cultural achievements reached by inspirational men and women from the Muslim civilization that spread from Spain to China from 7th century onwards, 1001 Inventions has been founded. 1001 Inventions is an award-winning educational organization, promoting an international effort to celebrate the contributions of the Muslim civilization, engaging over 70 million people worldwide.
The 1001 Inventions Exhibition 2014 has arrived in Jeddah and is already inspiring and enlightening the hearts and minds of thousands of visitors. The Jeddah exhibition is being hosted as part of Saudi Aramco’s Knowledge Enrichment programs that aim to spark the interest of young people in Saudi Arabia to pursue careers in science and technology. The Knowledge Enrichment program is supported and organized by King Abdul Aziz Center for World Culture. With a wide range of interactive technologies, displays, models, high tech games, and a 3D science theater, young visitors are learning with a pleasant surprise that the structure and function of the circulatory system was first uncovered and explained by a Muslim, Syrian physician, Ibn Al-Nafis.
He was the first to describe the constitution of the lungs, bronchi, coronary arteries, and the exchange of gases in the blood, and to elaborate how the coronary arteries delivered oxygen to the cardiac muscle “” which was as early as 1200. Visitors of the exhibition in Jeddah have the opportunity to enjoy six interactive zones within the huge exhibition. The exhibition reproduces some of the most astounding inventions of the Golden Ages and demonstrates the impact that the Muslim civilization has had on the way we live our lives today.
The 1001 Inventions exhibition in Jeddah is open till February 13, 2014. Global partners for 1001 Inventions include the Foundation for Science, Technology, and Civilization, and Abdul Latif Jameel Community Initiatives.