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Jamia Nizamia Promises to Popularize Prophet’s Medicine

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Hyderabad: The companions of Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh) made use of the prescriptions given by him and had their ailments cured. Today, people are wonderstruck by carrying out research on those prescriptions. The life of the Prophet indicates that he had stressed the need for taking precautions to avoid illnesses. Jamia Nizamia is all set to popularize the Prophet’s system of cure. In the past, the curriculum of Jamia Nizamia included Unani medicine on the lines of the Prophet’s way of treatment. This enabled the students of Jamia Nizamia to master Unani system of medicine along with getting Islamic education. These thoughts were expressed by Mufti Khaleel Ahmed, VC of Jamia Nizamia, while addressing a national level seminar on Unani Medicine organized by All India Tibbi Conference of Hyderabad. Delegates from Telangana, Karnataka, Maharashtra and other states participated in the seminar. Hakeem Munnawar Husain welcomed the Unani doctors. Maulana Khaleel Ahmed released the souvenir.