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Jamia publishes Tagore in Urdu

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New Delhi: Jamia Millia Islamia has published “Tagore Shanasi”, a comprehensive study on Rabindranath Tagore in Urdu.
The study has been done by the university’s Department of Urdu under the Tagore Research and Translation Scheme funded by the Ministry of Culture. The book has been authored by critic and author, Shamim Tarique and has been published by an Urdu publishing house, Maktaba Jamia Limited.
Spread over 15 sections, this 180-page book deals with different facets of Tagore and his works. Besides Tagore’s time-period, family, birth, childhood, education, his interest in nature, visits and journey, marriage, household affairs, his character and personality, Tarique has thrown light on the creative journey of Tagore, his poetry, music, drama, stories, novels and paintings.
Tarique has discussed at length Tagore’s association with Santiniketan, the university he founded, and his role as a teacher. He has also looked at important signposts such as his winning the Nobel Prize.
“All those pure hearted scholars should be saluted who provided the new bases of understanding Tagore,” said Tarique who dedicated the book to the spirit of nationalism that is finely manifested in Jamia Millia Islamia, the 92-year-old university. Over 10, 000 copies of the book have been published and will be distributed free among the scholars and general readers.