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Jamiat-e-Ulema Hind Supply Free Water in Rural Solapur

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By Imran Inamdar
Solapur: The entire state of Maharashtra is facing drought like situation this summer. The condition in rural areas is the worst where people face hardships for water and they have to walk 5 km to get one pot/bucket of drinking water. In an attempt to serve humanity, the local unit of Jamiat-e- Ulema Hind has started supplying free water to more than 100 villages of 6 Talukas in SolapurDistrict through water tankers regularly.Unit head Moulana Ibrahim told Twocircles.net: “We are running this project under the guidance of our state unit and have planned to cover the entire district and provide drinking water to people in the rural area.”
(Taken from twocircles.net)