JIH Workshop Addresses Critical Issues Surrounding Waqf Properties

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JIH Workshop Addresses Critical Issues Surrounding Waqf Properties

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BENGALURU: Jamaat-e-Islami Hind (JIH) organized a three-day workshop on waqf, bringing together specialists, officials, activists, and representatives from across the country to discuss critical issues and challenges in safeguarding waqf properties.

During the workshop, JIH President Syed Sadatullah Husaini expressed concern about the increasing risks to waqf properties, including political meddling, land grabs, and corruption. He highlighted the emergence of “pro-communal political forces” seeking to destroy old mosques and repeal the Waqf Act. Husaini urged people and organizations to raise awareness about the importance of waqf properties, support organizations working to protect them, and take legal action against intruders.

Dr. Saad Belgami, President of JIH Karnataka, delivered a keynote speech criticizing the community’s lack of sincerity in managing and safeguarding religious endowments. Former Karnataka State Waqf Board CEO Mujeebullah Zafari discussed the current state of awqaf nationwide, while current CEO Jilani Mokashi outlined the state government’s initiatives to inventory and digitize waqf properties.

The workshop also featured lectures by waqf specialist Afzalulhaq on relevant laws and acts, along with contributions from other JIH office bearers. Together, participants formulated strategies for protecting and developing waqf properties amidst ongoing challenges.