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Karnataka SSLC Results – Performance by Muslim High Schools

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Schools managed by old Muslim bodies are falling behind while the schools set up by entrepreneurs are doing well. It does not bode well for the community’s collective image.

By Maqbool Ahmed Siraj


The results of the SSLC exams in Karnataka have heartened everyone. The students have performed extraordinarily well with 82% passes. Even the performance of Muslim students and Muslim managed schools has been unprecedented. Faces of good many Muslim students have figured among above 80% and 90% rankers appearing in the mainstream media. This is in stark contrast to previous years when such a quest yielded little.
Bengaluru has nearly 400 Muslim-managed high schools. Except three of them, all others impart instructions in English medium. A good many of them would not like to identify themselves as Muslim minority schools and do not even attempt to invite a minority tag. A considerable number among them have more students from non-Muslim communities and employ teachers from all communities. Having been set up with entrepreneurial spirit, they see no benefit in identifying themselves with any particular community, let alone a minority. But the fact is that a sizeable number who operate in Muslim dominated localities, get associated with the minority either by sheer number of Muslim minority students enrolled there or by the very nature of their name, or the distinct identity of the management.
Not merely this. There are also schools that are neither owned nor managed by the Muslims but have a majority of Muslim students. The current situation is that””to speak plainly””if a Muslim family has resources it can get admission for its child in any school, owned by any community. If it has limited resources, it mainly looks at Muslim managed school with some quality. If no resources, it has to depend on Government-aided minority schools run by minority managed trusts/ societies or Government-run schools where the academic standards are pathetic and performance nothing to write home about.
Overall the educational profile of the community has improved. Not only that more students are appearing for 10th Board exams, but even improving in ranks. There are Muslim rankers from schools run by other communities as well as non-Muslim rankers from Muslim managed schools. This is truly characteristic of a cosmopolitan society.
In this issue of Islamic Voice we have tried to survey the performance of Muslim managed schools through the prism of latest SSLC results that were announced on May 10. Nearly 150 high schools were contacted for the purpose. This is not say that merely SSLC performance is an index of the academic achievement. What we mean to say that it is the only publicly available measure of judging the overall performance of a school.

A notable trend is that Muslim-managed schools run by the private trusts, societies and individuals are doing better than the ones run by prominent Muslim organizations such as Central Muslim Association of Karnataka, or various Anjuman Islams in Hubli-Dharwad-Belgaum area. For instance, our effort to obtain the performance data from the Central Muslim Association (CMA) in Bengaluru for its three high schools failed as the Association was shy of putting it in the public domain. It does not have a website even though it is located in the city that has earned the sobriquet of Silicon Valley of India. General Secretary Dr. Zaheeruddin did not have the data with him. He directed us to office secretary Syed Abdul Wajid who said the data had not reached him. That was even ten days after the results were out.
Our effort to reach the concerned schools over phone failed as no one would receive the calls. Even sending a representative did not yield the result as he was turned away with the plea that the school staff were busy with new admissions. The data provided by two different teachers employed in two of the schools located at Mominpura, had such wide variations that it could not be taken for reliable.
The CMA is the oldest existing body representing the community in Karnataka. It has a vast paraphernalia of office, staff and communication tools. It is amazing that that it could not gather the data from three schools it runs. What use having such a paraphernalia when it does not have the relevant data.
Similar plight visited us while accessing data about Quwathul Islam High School on Borebank Road. It is a very old school and has celebrated its gold jubilee two years ago. During its halcyon days, the School used to have 100% passes and more than half scoring first class. But things have changed. Several good schools have come up in the Cantonment area and children from affluent families are drawn by them. The Quwathul Islam, being a Government-aided school, has to survive upon residual children from underprivileged families. Its principal Mr. Ahmadullah Baig could only inform us about the overall percentage of passes while promising to provide other data on reaching the school. But later effort to access him failed.

Constraints are Known
The constrains a public institution like Central Muslim Association faces in running the schools is understandable but their reluctance to display the performance in public is not. Privately managed institutions resort to various stratagems to hide the reality. For instance, it is common knowledge that such schools do not send the students faring poorly in internal assessment through their own schools for public exams. Such students are made to appear from other schools, often through Government schools. This naturally boosts their performance in public exam. But an institution like CMA or Quwathul Islam cannot afford this. Being more representative in character, they insist on being above board, come what may. They thus are open to public criticism in the event of poor performance.

Shining Success of Anjuman-e-Islam
But the fact remains that these institutions reflect the collective image of the community, not the private schools. They need to pull up their socks and initiate measures to enhance the performance. For instance, the three schools run by the Anjuman Islam in Hubballi (formerly Hubli), which were performing miserably till a decade ago, have improved their performance extraordinarily. Nearly 1,000 of their students appeared for SSLC exams this year, Two of these schools have achieved 98% passes while the third one has attained 88% success. It will be worth probing as to what brought the turnaround. Even their office staff were found highly responsive and their website well-endowed.

Revive the Old Institutions
It is time the collective efforts are made to revive the fortunes of traditional Muslim institutions like Central Muslim Association and new soul is blown into them. Their contribution in uplifting the underprivileged class of the community will be immensely valuable. Their resources are vast and the community is judged more by what they do, not the private individuals.

Karnataka SSLC Exam Results
Performance of Muslim Managed High School

Name of the School Total Pass % Disti. I Cl. II Cl. appeared
Bengaluru and environs
Al-Ameen High School, Hosur Rd. 53 95 05 26 12 Al-Ameen Residential High Schl, Hosakote, 60 92 03 21 26
Al-Mubarak High School, J. C. Nagar 44 97 10 10 08
(Note: Unaiza Shaikh from Al-Mubarak scored 97% marks. Saniya Kulsum scored 92%)
Al-Atheeque School, Tank Garden NA 62 NA NA NA
Bangalore Public School, Kottigere 15 93 93 08 05
BET Sufia High School, Bismillahnagar 72 87 02 24 36
BET Sufia High School, Madina Nagar NA 89 NA NA NA
Badriya High School, Mangaluru NA NA NA NA NA
CMA Mahmud Sharif High Schoo, Y.pur 27 70 Nil Nil 20
Crescent High School, Basavanagudi. 94 70 02 28 19
Daniyal High School, Govindpur NA 100 04 NA NA
H.P. Newton School, Marutinagar 24 100 01 15 NA
H. P. Newton School, Sarayepalya 30 100 NA NA NA
Hilal High School, K. R. Puram 41 78 03 24 07
Excellent High School, Bismillahnagar, 42 90 04 22 11
Holy Mariam Convent, Bismillanagar 54 93 12 35 03
Iqra High School, R. T. Nagar 44 98 03 24 16
Indian Children English School, D. J. Halli 52 100 12 12 28
Jamia Muhammadiya Mansura High School 41 98 04 27 09
Jame-ul Uloom Residential Schl, Banikuppe, 48 100 06 18 NA
Jame-ul Uloom High School, K. R. Market, 110 96 32 38 37 K. K. Convent, Goripalya 106 NA 06 25 20
Lillyrose High School, Bismillahnagar 315 99 15 151 91
M. M. English School, Electronics City 65 92 11 NA NA
Madani Public School, Coles Park 30 98 06 15 08 Muslim Orphanage Girls High School, 27 70 nil 08 06
Meraj English School, Tank Garden 30 100 02 24 04
Newton Public School, HSR Layout 56 85 48 03 NA New Generation School, Basavanagudi 63 87 06 27 20 Quwathul Islam High School, Borebank Rd. 203 70 00 05 NA
Silicon City Public School, Indiranagar 35 100 06 09 20 Subhash International School, D. J. Halli 93 100 03 58 20 Subhash Memorial School, Padrayanapura 65 89 02 09
Subash Memorial School, Kanakanagar 62 98 12 NA NA Subash Memorial School, Bhoopsandra 24 98 04 NA NA Salamath Kannada School, Chamundi Nagar 26 92 02 18 04
St. Javeria English High School, SRK Nagar 41 100 03 11 26
St. Mira’s School, Cambridge Layout 126 94 07 NA NA
Tawakkal International School, Hennur, 23 100 07 11 05
(Note: Rasika Mariyam from Tawakkal scored 94% marks)
The Kenmore School, Basavanagudi 28 78 Nil 12 08
Wisdom Public School, Richmond Town 127 100 24 76 21
(Note: Syeda Sania from Wisdom scored 96%. Wisdom Public School has 12 branches in the city)
Willington English School, Chamrajpet 55 95 09 23 17
Wisdom Public School, BTM Layout 88 18 01 Allothers passed
Al-Ameen Kambalposh Kannada High School, Shivajinagar, 50% passes
Blossom Public School, Padrayanapura, 92% passes
Gem High School, R. T. Nagar, 100% passes (2 got state ranks.)
Other Towns & Cities Total Pass% Dist. I cl. II cl.
Anglo Urdu High School, Koulpet, Hubballi 547 88 10 92 150
Anjuman Urdu High S, Old Eidgah, Hubballi 189 98 32 117 28
Anglo Urdu Hr. Secondary S, Ghantikeri,Hubli 242 98 10 23 67
(All the above three schools are run by Anjuman e Islam, Hubli, a century old institution.) Al-Meelad Urdu High School, Hubballi 27 100 00 14 11
Reshmi Kannada High School, Hubballi 26 88 00 09 10
G. M. Memorial High School, Hassan 42 90 04 26 06 Sardar Mahboob Ali Khan English Medium High School
Ghantikeri, Hubballi 73 97 12 33 12
Zainubiya Girls High School, Alipur, 100 46 18 28
SECAB Chandbibi High School, Vijaypura 70 94 06 47 09
SECAB Secondary School, Vijaypura 68 02 02 05 SECAB High School, Vijapura 114 98 24 48 NA
Millat High School, Kolar 40 75 Nil 15 10
Mansoora English Med. High Schl, Hassan 43 100 08 30 05
(Note: Mir Mahmood Ali scored 91% marks)
Ghousia High Schl, Herebagewadi, Belgaum 29 100 01 19 08
Madani Urdu Medium High School, Belgaum 48 98 NA NA NA

Results in Brief
Al-Ameen Dr. Mumtaz Ahmed Khan Urdu School, Chitgoppa 98.65% passes;
Al-Ameen Dr. Mumtaz Ahmed Khan English School, Kolar, 80%
Al-Ameen Anjuman Aziziya Urdu High School, Kolar, 93%
Al-Ameen Hilal Abdulmajeed Urdu High School, Saklaspur, 80%
Al-Ameen Al-Hudad High School, Channapatna 96.45%’
Al-Ameen Mateen Urdu High School Madhugiri, 94.45%;
Al-Ameen Urdu Medium Girls High School, Bidar 95.42%
Al-Ameen Urdu Medium High School, Shrikoppa, 93%
Al-Ameen Urdu High Schooll Jiwargi, Gulbarga, 90%
Al-Ameen Urdu Medium High School, Tiptur, 89%
Al-Ameen Malik Rehan Girls High School, Sira, 88%
Al-Ameen Ibrahim Lala Memorial High School, Humnabad,Bidar, 88%
Al-Ameen English High School, Channarayapatna 87%
Al-Ameen Maqsood Alikhan Urdu High School, Hallikhed, 85%
Al-Ameen Urdu High School, Anna Al-Kheli,Bidar, 81%
Al-Ameen Urdu Medium Boys School, Bidar, 80%
Al-Ameen English High School,Saklaspur, 71%
Al-Ameen English Medium High School, Bidar, 60%
Al-Ameen Md. Hussain High School, Chikamagalur, 100% (Total app: 25)
Farooqia High School, Mysuru, 77% passes, 168 out of 248 passed.
Hilal High School, Mysuru, 80% passes.
Indian Public School, Channapatna,100% passes, Distinction for 2)
Islamia Anglo Urdu High School, Bhatkal, total appeared. 49. 100% passes.
Mesco High School, NR Mohalla, Mysuru, 96% passes, 42 appeared, 40 passed. Majestic High School, Mysuru, 92% passes, 10 out of 11 passed.
Maulana Azad / Sultan Shaheed High Schools, 90% passes.
Rahbar Graduate Association High School, Mysuru, 92% passes, 44 out of 48 passed.
St. Paul High School, Mysuru, all 37 passed.
(Note: Vijayapura is new name for Bijapur. Hubballi is new name for Hubli. Disti. Stands for Distinction)