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Many Bengali Workers Leaving Rajsamand

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The murder of Afrajul Khan in Rajsamand district of Rajasthan last month, has also severely impacted the lives of hundreds of Bengali Muslims working in the region, with many returning to Bengal in fear that they could be the next victim. Since the murder of Afrajul, more than 250 labourers working in Rajsamand have left, either temporarily or for good. The incident has left such a scar on the minds of the Bengali workers that some have even left their possessions behind and taken the first train home. But, with jobs left behind, the biggest worry for these workers is to figure out how will they survive and for how long. Given that agriculture can employ them as labourers for a maximum of three months, many are already looking for alternative income sources. Some, however, are also hoping that they can return to Rajsamand once the conditions become normal. Take the case of Room Khan, the brother of Afrajul, who was also working there with him. He said to TwoCircles.Net, “We had been working there for more than 15 years. We felt that we were settled down there and could manage our families. But now we don’t know what our fate will be. We cannot go back until or unless the situation becomes normal and even if it becomes normal, how can we stay there with the experiences of such horrific incidents?” He added, “We are now obliged to find some alternative place for work to earn our livelihood.” Md Rafiul Sk, another labourer who returned to Syedpur from Rajsamand, is currently looking for other means of livelihood in the locality until everything settles in Rajsamand. “I am 38 years old and I have a family to take care. Where else will I get employment? I have to go back there once the situation there becomes cool. Now I am trying to find some agricultural work in the locality. Allah knows how many days I have to wait”, he says.
(Extracted from twocircles.com)