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Marathi Saint Literature Speaks of Human Values

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Aligarh: Delivering a lecture on “References from Sant Literature in Literary Research”, Dr. Taher H. Pathan, In-charge Marathi Section, Department of Modern Indian Languages, Aligarh Muslim University, said Sant-Sahitya is a theocentric thought, possessing human values and self-realization. Saints worked selflessly among downtrodden sections of society.

The lecture was organized by UGC Human Resource Development Centre, Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University, Aurangabad.

Prof Pathan said the Sant-Sahitya taught a sense of brotherhood, integration, harmony, and human dignity using the medium of poetry and music to advance their thoughts. Marathi saints’ works enriched Indian languages, literature, and Indian culture”.

Citing examples from the Saint literature, Prof Pathan said that the importance of the eternal voice of saints will remain relevant in every age as the ideals of divine love of saints have universal appeal.

“Saint Poetry depicts the simple-hearted feeling of the devotees who are ready in sadhana and wish well for all the people. That lighthouse has been giving light to human society for centuries while wandering in the darkness of despair, lust, resistance, and retribution. It will continue to show the way in the future also”, he added

“Saint poets were the founder of universal human religion and believed that as long as there is a distinction between caste and religion in society, humanity cannot be respected,” he concluded.