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Minority Issues: Manifesto Analysis in 2024 Elections

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NEW DELHI: The 2024 election manifestos of major political parties starkly reflect their positions on addressing the concerns of minority communities, notably Muslims and Christians, against the backdrop of the ruling BJP’s anti-minority rhetoric.

The absence of minorities, particularly Muslims and Christians, in the BJP’s manifesto underscores its indifference towards their issues. In contrast, the opposition’s hesitancy to address minority concerns, as evident in the Congress manifesto, raises questions about political motivations.

Previous Congress manifestos addressed minority issues comprehensively, promising initiatives such as establishing a Ministry of Minority Affairs, implementing Sachar Committee recommendations, and enacting legislation to address social violence.

However, the latest Congress manifesto, ‘Nyay Patra,’ lacks specific commitments to minorities, focusing instead on broader themes of justice. While it acknowledges religious diversity, it overlooks pressing issues like security and socio-economic backwardness among minorities.

In contrast, the CPI(M) manifesto takes a bold stance on minority issues, advocating for enhanced powers for the Minorities Commission, implementation of Sachar Committee recommendations, and legislation to prevent atrocities against minorities, including Christians.

The CPI(M) also emphasizes educational initiatives for Muslim girls, Urdu language promotion, and rehabilitation for victims of communal violence and false terror charges. It opposes discriminatory laws like the Citizenship Amendment Act and advocates for Kashmiri autonomy.

In Uttar Pradesh, the Samajwadi Party’s manifesto prioritizes issues like caste-based census and MSP guarantees, championing the rights of backward classes, Dalits, and minorities.

The contrasting approaches in these manifestos reflect the complex political landscape surrounding minority concerns in India’s electoral discourse, highlighting each party’s stance and proposed solutions to address minority issues.