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By A Staff Writer

Bangalore: The newly elected 21-member team of executive members took over the administration of the 120-year old Muslim Orphanage here on November 23, ending the tortuous era of Waqf Board which witnessed steep decline in maintenance and administration of the institution. The new executive which met soon after the election, elected Mr. Sirajullah Khan as the new President and Mr. S. S. Rahman as the new Hony. Secretary.
The new team won the elections held on September 15 when counting was conducted on November 23 under the orders from the Karnataka High Court. The flunkeys of the Waqf Board had used all the tricks in their bag to put spoke into the wheels to scuttle election and had even brought a stay on the counting of votes and announcement of result and succeeded in stalling the new dispensation from coming to the helms for 70 days.
There were two prominent syndicates in the fray and the team headed by Mr. Sirajullah Khan, a retired official, and comprising some noted social workers and people with dignified credentials, won the election.
Following are the members of the new executive committee: Sirajullah Khan; realtor Feroze Abdullah; businessman Fazal Ahmed; advertising tycoon S. S. Rahman; social worker Ziaullah Khan; transporter Javed Patel; businessman Shafeeq Ibrahim; contractor A. M. Sharief; Hafiz Sayeeduddin; social activist Sardar Ahmed Qureshi; M. Moinuddin; B. Mohammed Ilyas; businessman Syed Sibghatullah Siraj; forwarding agent and former inmate M. Shafiullah; businessman Ayaz Ahmed; Naveed Ahmed; businessman C. Abdus Sattar; social activist Sheema Mohsin; Tazaiyun Oomer, secretary of the NGO Humane Touch; social worker Tabassum Tajammul Ali Khan.
The Waqf Board had taken over the administration of the Orphanage after dismissing the previous executive team in October 2010. The next three years saw five administrators, one after another, taking over the management. Last among them, held the reins for nearly 18 months and tried his best to prolong the Waqf era. The number of students declined from 460 to 342. Some of the efficient wardens were shown the door while nincompoops were rewarded with plump positions. Sadly enough, the era saw death of two inmates too. The outgoing management had even cancelled the stipends to several students attending the college.