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Ram Punyani Launches ‘Unite India’ App to Promote Indian Nationalism

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Hyderabad: Noted historian and author, Ram Punyani launched a unique Diploma Course in Communal Harmony through a Mobile App ‘Unite India’ designed by All India Secular Forum member, Syed Khalid
Speaking after launching the App, Ram Punyani said that ‘Unite India’ App would clear many misconceptions which are creating hatred within various communities in India. Stating that most of the misconceptions on the religion and history were created by vested interests for political gains, he said, those completing the Diploma in Communal Harmony could easily defeat such hate mongers.
He said that the ‘Unite India’ App aims to promote Indian nationalism practised by Mahatma Gandhi, Moulana Azad, Bhagat Singh, Dr. B.R. Ambedkar and Subhash Chandra Bose. It will also counter the religion-based nationalism which was practised people like Mohammed Ali Jinnah and Sarvarkar. Syed Khalid, the AISF member and App Developer said that “The course is divided into 11 chapters including Communal Violence, Misconceptions About Minorities, Alliances Amongst Kings, Islam In India, India’s Mixed Culture, Colonial Period, Indian Nationalism, Kashmir Issue, Global Terrorism Today and Communalism Today. The “Unite India” App is available for free download for Android platforms on Google Play Store
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(For more info about app, call Amanulla Khan 8712900055 or email [email protected])