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Rs. 800 cr. for Welfare of Minorities

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Karnataka Budget

The State will have research centre named after Sir Syed Ahmed Khan

By A Staff Writer

Bangalore: The Government of Karnataka will set up Sir Syed Ahmed Khan Research and Study Institute for conducting research on socio-economic conditions of the minorities. It was part of the announcements made by Karnataka Chief Minister Mr. Siddramaiah while presenting the 2014-15 budget in the Karnataka Assembly on February 14. The Budget allocates Rs. 800 crore for the welfare schemes meant for the minorities. Of these, Rs. 110 crore will be for the general welfare schemes for the minorities.
The monthly allowance for the students residing in the Morarji Desai Residential Schools’ hostels has been hiked from Rs. 1,000 per month to Rs. 1,100. The Government will set up 70 new hostels for minorities under the SDP Scheme. The allowance towards board expenses in hostels has been enhanced from Rs. 600 per month to Rs. 750 for each inmate. So, students from families whose annual income is Rs. One lakh will also be eligible for admission as inmates into these hostels. The Budget allocates Rs. 150 crore for e-learning camping and teaching aids at the 100 minority hostels across the state.
The State will have three more Morarji Desai Residential Schools and two new Pre University colleges for the minority students and a sum of Rs. 36.82 has been allocated for the modernization of the buildings and infrastructure of the Morarji Desai Residential Schools.
A further allocation of Rs. 17 crore has been made for the Hajj Ghar coming up in the northern outskirts of Bangalore. It has sanctioned Hajj Ghars for Gulbarga as well as Mangalore too. It has set apart Rs. 150 crore for the welfare of the members of the Christian community.
The Budget allocates Rs. 10 crore for the fencing of the waqf properties in order to avert encroachments. It has allocated Rs. 5 crore for setting up two model schools for Minorities in two districts of the State. Rs. 2 crore have been earmarked for skill development programmes of the women from minority communities. The allowances for the inmates in orphanages and destitute homes has been enhanced from Rs. 350 to Rs. 500. The Budget envisages setting up Minority Welfare offices in seven districts.
Minister for Municipal Administration, Minorities Welfare and Waqf, Mr. Qamarul Islam said the waivers of interest announced for the allottees of the houses under Ashraya Housing Scheme would also bring a rebate of Rs. 300 crore to the members of the minorities. He said minorities too would benefit from schemes earmarking allotment of two acres of land for graveyard in towns and villages. He said Minority Welfare offices were already functioning in 23 districts and the Budget has made provision for opening such offices in seven remaining districts.