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Safa Baitul Mal to set up new Unit in Bangalore

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By A Staff Writer

Bangalore: Safa Baitul Mal with its headquarters in Hyderabad has decided to revamp its functioning at Bangalore by setting up a new unit while its former unit president, Abdul Hafeez Rashadi has announced setting up ‘Sakha Baitul Mal’ after quitting the Safa Baitul Mal.
According to Mr. Ghayas Ahmed Rashadi, President, Safa Baitul Mal speaking to Islamic Voice from Hyderabad said since Mr. Abdul Hafeez did not agree to comply with the new rules and regulations being put in place to bring efficiency and transparency into the organization by tightening its organizational structure, he was allowed to resign from the organisation. However, Since Mr. Hafeez had contributed immensely in setting up the unit in Bangalore during the last four years, the office, go-down, computers and other office furniture has been left with him. Mr Ghayas said a new office has been hired in Frazer Town to start the Safa Baitul Mal anew.
It is learnt that Mr. Hafeez was not amenable to new rules and regulations and was about to turn the unit into a new outfit named “Suffah Baitul Mal” in Bangalore with all branches in Karnataka allied to it.
The Safa Baitul Mal is engaged in several welfare activities for the last four years. It has branches across many states. Its programmes include collecting junk and scrap, organize their sale and use the proceeds to fund education of poor students.