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School in Stable

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The place which was used for keeping horses during the Qutub Shahi rule is now being used to educate children. The stable still has canons. The place is none other than the Govt. Upper Primary and High School, Golconda. One of the oldest schools of Hyderabad located right opposite the historical Golconda Fort, it was once a stable in the past. Today classes are conducted inside each arch of the stable, while the class I and II are conducted under a tree. These innocent kids are forced to sit under the sun from 8 am to 12:30 pm. To add to the students’ woes, water board has disconnected water supply to the school. Over 302 students study in the school which lacks basic facilities. The school headmaster Subba Rao says that the water bill was not paid since years as a result, the bill has accumulated to Rs. 1,47,000.