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Seminar on Tipu Sultan

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Bengaluru: The National Law School University of India (NLSIU) will hold a seminar on Tipu Sultan in the first week of February 2016.
The seminar will discuss topics like Tipu Sultan, his place in history, his religious policies, reformation in taxation, welfare programmes, advancement in agriculture and horticulture, foreign trade, military and warfare technology, his legacies, treatment of Tipu’s rule by historians like Jadunath Sarkar, Hayavadana Rao, Mohibul Hassan, Bipin Chandra, humble origin of Hyder Ali and Tipu Sultan, situation of Mysore in mid-18th century, conflict with colonial power, Was he a religious bigot? Did he convert Hindus and Christians? Did he demolish temples and churches? portrayal of Tipu Sultan in Kannada folklore, ballada, Lavanis, paintings of that era, and situation in G. Britain, etc.
The two day seminar is being convened by Centre for Study of Social Exclusion and Inclusive Policies. The Centre is extending invitation to noted historians like Irfan Habib, K. C. Panikker,Dr. Sheik Ali, Dr. Vivek Rai, Dr. B. Uday, Dr. Ushadevi, Sheikh Mastan, Prof. Vijay Ponnacha, Prof. Sadashiv etc.
The seminar is likely to be held at NLSIU’s Nagarbhavi campus. Dates will be finalized shortly.