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Significant Rise: 50 Muslim Candidates Qualify in UPSC Civil Services Exam 2023, Two in Top Ten

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The UPSC Civil Services exam 2023 results, announced on April 17, revealed a remarkable increase in the number of successful Muslim candidates, with 50 individuals qualifying compared to 30 in the previous year. Among these, four candidates secured positions in the top 100 ranks, showcasing their exceptional achievements.

Notably, two Muslim women, Ruhani and Nausheen, clinched impressive 5th and 9th positions, respectively, in the all-India rankings, highlighting the growing presence and caliber of Muslim women in competitive examinations.

This surge in Muslim candidates’ success marks a significant contrast to previous years, where only a fraction passed the exam. The coaching center at Jamia Millia Islamia University played a pivotal role in this achievement, with 11 female qualifiers receiving tutoring from the residential coaching center on campus.

Furthermore, the Zakat Foundation of India’s involvement, with 51 fellows appearing for the UPSC civil services interviews and 24 being selected, underscores the collaborative efforts towards enhancing diversity and inclusivity in India’s civil services.

The UPSC CSE 2023 results reflect a promising trend towards representation from diverse backgrounds, with 50 successful Muslim candidates, including 16 women, contributing to the pool of achievers. The detailed list of top-performing Muslim candidates highlights their notable ranks and underscores their commendable accomplishments in the examination.

A detailed list of the top-performing Muslim individuals:
• Nausheen (All India Rank 9)
• Wardah Khan (All India Rank 18)
• Zufishan Haque (All India Rank 34)
• Fabi Rasheed (All India Rank 71)
• Arfa Usmani (All India Rank 111)
• Syed Adeel Mohsin (All India Rank 157)
• Khan Saima Seraj Ahmed (All India Rank 165)
• Sayem Raza (All India Rank 188).