Teachers’ Association Launches  National Educational Campaign

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Teachers’ Association Launches National Educational Campaign

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New Delhi: In order to promote intellectual, technical, and professional development among teachers, the All India Ideal Teachers Association (AIITA) launched a 22-day national educational campaign. A campaign titled “Enlightening Teachers, Nurturing Talents, and Transforming Society: AIITA as an Ideal Platform” would reach out to the teacher’s fraternity. The decision was taken at its meeting here.

AIITA is a nationally registered association of teachers that was founded in 1992, according to AIITA President Sheikh Abdul Rahim. It actively conducts a variety of educational projects in nearly 19 states around the country in accordance with its policies and programs. This series includes this instructional campaign. He continued, “AIITA is committed to supporting teachers’ professional, technical, and intellectual growth as well as standing up for their rights.” The hundreds of teachers that make up AIITA’s leadership team continuously adjust to the shifting needs of education while offering their skills and promoting constructive social change. In addition to discussing teachers’ rights, AIITA highlights their professional obligations.

Vice President and campaign convener Mukhtar Ahmed Kotwal noted that “The advancement of teachers and students is intertwined with the advancement of society.”

In order to further the intellectual, technical, and professional development of educators and students as well as to give them real-world experience, AIITA members at the national, state, district, and local levels host a variety of educational activities, including conferences, seminars, festivals, competitions, and other educational events, he said. “Under the same name, this nationwide education campaign seeks to make students more academically successful and morally upright by bringing to light the evolving demands on education and training educators to be not just knowledgeable about the curriculum but also skilled at implementing new teaching strategies.”

“Society needs to recognize and appreciate the value and status of teachers, awakening awareness within society about the responsibilities associated with education,” said AIITA General Secretary Mir Mumtaz Ali, outlining the campaign’s goals. Schools should foster an environment that can support the development of technically proficient, ethically pure students. From September 24, 2023, until October 15, 2023, a variety of nationwide educational activities will be carried out at the national, state, district, and local levels with these goals in mind.”