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Upholding Neutrality: AIMPLB Clarifies Political Stand

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NEW DELHI: The All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) issued a formal statement reaffirming its neutral position in the upcoming general elections, aiming to address misconceptions regarding its political stance in the media. Emphasizing its non-political nature, the Board asserted its commitment to neutrality and clarified that it neither supports nor opposes any political party, as outlined in its constitution.

Maulana Mohammed Fazlur Rahim Mujaddidi, the General Secretary of AIMPLB, reiterated the Board’s neutrality and dissociated it from recent statements made by certain individuals associated with AIMPLB, including Vice President Dr. Syed Ali Muhammad Naqvi’s announcement of support for the BJP. Maulana Mujaddidi clarified that these statements represent personal opinions and do not reflect AIMPLB’s official stance.

Furthermore, AIMPLB distanced itself from statements made by individuals like Khalid Anwar Sahib MLC in support of NDA, emphasizing its non-involvement in such matters and urging the public not to attribute individual opinions to the collective position of AIMPLB.

As the nation approaches the election period, AIMPLB called upon all political entities to respect its neutrality and cautioned against misinterpretation of individual statements. The Board remains committed to upholding its constitution and serving the interests of the Muslim community in India, urging the public to discern the truth from baseless claims.