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Urdu Learning, DTP Centres Set Up

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Chikamagaluru: The Karnataka State Urdu Academy started its 19th Urdu learning centre and Urdu DTP centre at Chikamagaluru, 200 kms north-west of Bengaluru on September 29. The Urdu Learning Centres run a six-month course in Urdu which enables a student to read newspaper on completion of the course. The Urdu DTP Centres impart technical skills to computerize the Urdu text. It is a three-month course. The Academy helps NGOs wishing to set up an Urdu learning centre with Rs. 5,000 a month, while an Urdu DTP Centre is supplied with computers and Urdu software and assisted with Rs. 12,000 to 15,000 a month. Six of these centres are located in Bengaluru itself, while three are operating in Kalburgi (previously Gulbarga). The Chikamagaluru centre has been set up by NGO Karwan e Urdu Adab which also commissioned an Urdu library. (By A Staff Writer)