WINGS Launches Palakkad Chapter  for Advancement of Women

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WINGS Launches Palakkad Chapter for Advancement of Women

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Palakkad, Kerala: The Women’s Initiative to Nurture Growth of Society (WINGS) launched its Palakkad Chapter on May 20, marking a significant step towards empowering Muslim women professionals. National Secretary Rahmathunnissa A. emphasized WINGS’ commitment to both professional and spiritual advancement for women in her opening address.

Rahmathunnissa A. highlighted the primary focus areas for WINGS:
• Professional Upliftment: Enhancing careers and professional skills.
• Spiritual Enrichment: Fostering spiritual growth and understanding.
• Resource Utilization: Leveraging members’ talents and resources for societal empowerment.

She stressed the fundamental obligation of Muslim women to serve society, noting that service is not optional but essential.

Adv. Farida Ansari, Vice President of Kerala State, delivered the keynote address, emphasizing the value of utilizing women’s professional abilities for societal benefit. District Patron Fazila Teacher coordinated the event, and Vice Principal Safia Sarafiya of Alathur Mass College conducted the closing ceremony.

WINGS is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the holistic growth and development of women to promote societal advancement. Its vision and mission are clear:
• Vision: To create a gender-just world by empowering women and ensuring their holistic well-being.
• Mission: Focused on education, career advancement, legal aid, and wellness, aiming to:
• Promote physical, emotional, spiritual, and professional upliftment.
• Enlighten women about balancing their rights and responsibilities.
• Build functional families conducive to happy and healthy living.
• Cultivate a generation committed to giving back to society.
• Serve as the voice for the voiceless, including the distressed, needy, misguided, weak, and oppressed.

The new chapter’s president and secretary, Dr. SM Shabana and Ms. Jumana Hasin (Principal of Mount Seena School), are expected to lead the chapter in alignment with WINGS’ principles and mission. With its committed actions and leadership, the Palakkad Chapter of WINGS is poised to make significant contributions to society, empowering women and promoting societal growth.