Youths Trained in Disaster Management

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Youths Trained in Disaster Management

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New Delhi: A workshop was arranged by the NGO “Society for Bright Future” to prepare young people for calamities. Officers and specialists from the disaster department taught the youngsters how to handle calamities on this occasion. Irfan Ahmed, the SBF National Coordinator, outlined the event’s goals and objectives by stating that since its beginning, SBF has been preparing young people around the country who not only work to save humanity during natural disasters but also oversee rehabilitation for those affected.

What types of disasters exist, what are the best methods for preventing them, and how can those in need of immediate medical care get it? Suresh Kumar, a member of the New Delhi Civil Defense Department, went into further detail on each of these subjects. Using examples from the course, he showed the audience how they might protect themselves from unexpected disasters by doing several key things quickly and easily while also assisting others. The Society for a Bright Future is lauded by Kumar for his unselfish devotion to humanity and unwavering honesty. He exhorted those taking part in the programme to help others by volunteering for SBF.

The types of fires and ways to prevent them were highlighted by Delhi Fire Service Station Officer Firoz Khan. He discussed several important fire-control strategies. Along with this, he introduced the fire prevention equipment needed and gave practical examples of when and how to use it. These devices piqued the curiosity of the program’s participants, who tried them.

A PowerPoint presentation was utilized to discuss an important topic, Prospective of Social Service in the Field of Humanitarian Relief, by S. Ameenul Hasan, the foremost psychologist in the country as well as a motivational speaker and vice president of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind. He discussed how service to mankind is work done with total honesty and without the intention of achieving renown in light of the Qur’an and Sunnah.

Dr. Amir Jamal, SBF Volunteer Coordinator, Zahid Afzal, and MohdMarghoob, SBF Public Relations Officers, all contributed significantly to the workshop’s success.