Media and Muslim Issues

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Muslims need to be much more effective in articulating their concerns and issues through the media. There are much-educated youth among the community, but how many of them are engaged in this work? Some Muslim institutions that claim to have a media lack professionalism and quality. Once upon a time, the pages of Urdu newspapers were dedicated to important social issues, but now the result of the declining quality of Urdu newspapers is that these pages are being used to highlight just a few people. In the case of news, the reporting of Urdu newspapers is, by and large, disappointing. Sometimes, they simply repeat what has been published elsewhere. Some Urdu newspapers engage in ’emotional journalism’ and lack objectivity.

What should Muslims do in such a situation? Here are some thoughts and suggestions:
a. Newspapers, news portals or small media channels run by the community should be supported.
b. Muslim media houses should try to hire professionals in their organizations.
c. Muslim organizations and NGOs can reach out to the media and request them to publish news on Muslim issues.
d. Muslim organizations and institutions should give scholarships to some senior journalists (including from other communities) and request them to write columns on Muslim issues and issues of general social concern.
e. Youngsters can use social media to highlight Muslim-related issues.

There is a lot of scope in the points mentioned above. Remember, the media can only benefit if used according to the correct principles instead of cheap emotions.