Muslims Slam Taliban, Warn Against Extremism

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By Mohammed Wajihuddin

Mumbai: Outraged at the massacre of schoolchildren in Pakistan, Muslim groups in India have called for universal solidarity against jihadist forces. Condemning the act, community leaders have said Pakistan is paying the price of hobnobbing with extremist elements.
“It is an inhuman act and deserves strong condemnation. Pakistan is paying the price for being soft on extremism. The senseless killing of children confirms that the marauders have lost the right to be called humans. It has shocked the civilized world,” said senior community leader Ghulam Pesh Imam. Maulana Athar Ali of the All-India Ulema Association said the perpetrators of the crime cannot be called Muslims. “Avenging (actions) by killing innocent children cannot be justified. The global community should come together and finish off all jihadist and terrorist forces wherever they are based.”
Some said the Taliban now stand completely exposed. “They have no mercy, not even for children. They are not the followers of Islam, but the biggest enemies of the faith, in whose name they kill and maim. Killing children is a crime, too grave to comprehend and the perpetrators’ network needs to be dismantled,” said M A Khalid of the All-India Milli Council.
“This should be a turning point in the war against terrorism. The US should now intervene and finish off terrorist groups in Pakistan once and for all,” said Salim Alware, convenor, All-India Muslim Intellectual Forum, which held a meeting in the city. Condemnation also came from the Urdu press. “This is a cowardly act. The Taliban have claimed they did it to avenge killings in Waziristan. But attacking defenseless, innocent children is purely a cowardly act,” commented the Urdu Times.