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By A Staff Reporter

Bangalore: Prof. Mumtaz Ali Khan, minister of minority affairs for three years under the BJP’s Government headed by B. S. Yeddyurappa, quit BJP and joined the Congress Party on September 28, 2013.
He also resigned from Legislative council seat. He still had a few months to complete the tenure.
The turn was unexpected as Prof. Khan had been a consistent supporter of the BJP for several years.
His accusation that someone in the BJP forged his signature for filing his nomination papers for the Council membership did not convince anyone. Having enjoyed the perks and privileges of membership of the Upper House in Karnataka and the ministership, he should and would have known that his nomination to the House owed itself to forgery. Yet he never raised the issue while being in the government.
Prof. Khan’s situation had become untenable during the last 18 months when his godfather Mr. Yeddyurappa had rebelled against the party and formed Karnataka Janata Paksha (KJP). Though his exit was on the cards, the specious plea of forgery was least expected of him while quitting the party.
A social worker and academician of repute, Prof. Khan had on many occasions made politically correct noises in sync with his presence in the BJP but was not expected to become a turncoat. With several Congressmen waiting for a vacancy to enter the Council””mainly to get a cabinet berth””it is not likely that the Congress would prefer to nominate him for the vacant seat. KPCC chief Dr. Parmeshawar and chief minister Siddramiah’s close buddy C. M. Ibrahim are among the staunches hopefuls.