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I got a return call from my friend on the third day, he was embarrassed and apologized again and again. I said I was surprised that you never delay the ring back, why?

For the first time in our relationship, I called you eight times and you didn’t answer for three days, so I was worried, God bless you, you are fine, he laughed and said, I am ashamed of you, but I am by God. Please, I am well, and healthy, and Allah Ta’ala has saved me from all kinds of troubles and pains, but I was on “Digital Fasting” for three days.

That’s why I couldn’t answer you in time, the term digital fasting was foreign to me so I stopped and asked “What do you mean, what kind of fasting have you started doing in Ramadan?” He laughed and then said in a satisfied voice, “Javed sir, I switch off my mobile, internet, and television for three days every fortnight, this is mydigital fast.”

“These days I completely avoid telephone calls, e-mails, and social media, I don’t even watch television and I don’t even read newspapers” This was a surprise to me even though I listened to him attentively. Started, he said, I only read books, and take morning walks in these three days.

I go to the mountains, walk in the streets and parks, eat samosa chaat, sit on the bench in the common tea houses and drink milk, feed the birds, play with the rabbits, get up early in the morning, and see the sun. Watching sunrises and sunsets, playing with my grandchildren, and lecturing children in government schools.

I take out my old clothes and shoes and distribute them, walk with Begum, eat with her in a good restaurant, drink tea and coffee, go to photo exhibitions, visit bookstores, and so on. I go to angry friends’ houses and appease them, I do all the things in these three days that I can’t do on normal days because of the digital wall.

I laughed and asked “And sir, what is this digital wall?” He also laughed and said, “The digital world has built a wall between us and nature and between us and people. We now even see squirrels on Instagram and Twitter. We also see friends, relatives, and enemies. Meet on Facebook.

We also talk to our loved ones on WhatsApp, now we meet engineers, doctors, teachers, and Qari on a video call and we also listen to Maulvi Sahib’s sermon on YouTube lives.

All these gadgets are good and useful and life without them is unimaginable but at the same time they are destructive to our life, why? Because it has stood as a wall between us and life and because of this wall, we humans today are also experiencing frustration, tension, and anxiety, we are also becoming patients of blood pressure, diabetes, and cancer.

It is true that in today’s age, we cannot be separated from the digital world but we can connect ourselves with real life by keeping at least a half-daydigital fast and I have been doing this for the last three to four years.

I fast for three days after 15 days.” I asked, “What is the benefit of this?” He said, “My tension, depression, and anxiety levels come down immediately, and my blood pressure and sugar are also fine. It happens and I start to see and hear, I start to see my wife, my children, and my grandchildren.

I also start seeing cypresses and cypress flowers and sparrows on them and quail hiding in the trees, my test buds also improve and I start to taste carrots and radishes.

I also feel the coffee and tea coming into my body and I am happier than on normal days and my relationships with other people are also better – he said the mobile phone is everything in our life. A bigger problem.

As soon as we hold it in our hands, our life, our life is no more, it is at the mercy of social media, WhatsApp, calls, SMS, Emails, and tension and depression-filled audios and videos. And we begin to die from within after that.

So I suggest you live without mobile and television for one day in your life, your outlook on life will change, and you will see and hear the people sitting in front of you in a few moments.

In a few moments, you will see the wrinkles on the mother’s face and hear the laughter of the little boy or girl, you will feel the peace on the face and the coolness in the mind and the last thing is “He stopped, took a long breath and said” and the last It will make your day longer and your night quieter, believe me, 60% of our day is consumed by social media.