UP Assembly Elections – Owaisi Divides Muslim Votes

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Assembly Elections in Uttar Pradesh – Unifying Muslim Choices

Lok Sabha MP from Hyderabad Asaduddin Owaisi has proved himself to be the pastmaster in dividing Muslim votes, as he was suspected to have done in Maharashtra Assembly last year and Mumbai Municipal Corporation elections earlier this year. His role in dividing the Muslim votes in Uttar Pradesh in the recently-concluded Assembly election has been sufficiently highlighted in the What’s app campaign. At least four seats were lost by Muslim candidates just because a Majlis Ittehadul Muslimeen (MIM) was in the fray between Muslim candidates fielded by SP and BSP, which has strong local presence.
He may cry from rooftops to claim himself to be the champion of the cause of Indian Muslims, but he is emerging as the man the BJP would like in order to expand, as no one serves the cause of communal outfits and sabotages the electoral prospects of Muslim candidates from other secular parties as he does. The man, in his zeal to be the sole leader of Indian Muslims, has been largely responsible in communalizing the atmosphere of twin cities of Hyderabad-Secunderabad. He may himself physically remain safe, as the State is bound to provide him police protection as a member of the Lok Sabha, but he feels no qualms in spreading communal poison elsewhere, which leaves scores of Muslim individual unsafe.
It is time, the designs of this dangerous politician are understood by Muslims themselves and he is shown his place. Have a look at the statistics:
Candidate Party Votes obtained
R. K. Singh BJP 76,307
Aneesurrahman SP 73,959
Md. Nasir BSP 43,820
Fizaullah Ch. MIM 22,908

Sanju Devi BJP 74,768
Azeemul Huq SP 73,043
Irfan Pathan MIM 2,070

S. Kumar Singh BJP 55,716
Alauddin BSP 53,413
Manjoor Alam MIM 3,160

Ram Feran BJP 79,437
Md. Rizwan SP 78,992
Kalim MIM 2,933