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Q: Given that spirituality is hardly, if at all, addressed in the present ‘modern’ educational system, would you suggest an alternate system of schooling, or would you suggest reforms within the present system?

Answered by Maulana Wahiduddin Khan
I do not believe in reform of the education system. Today, the system of education is aimed at training professionals. A high kind of professionalism is possible only if the education provided is as it presently is. If spirituality were added to the existing curriculum, it would lead to neither development of spirituality nor of professionalism. The saying ‘If you run after two hares, you’ll catch neither’ will be applicable if you tried such an approach!
In the case of professional education, we in India need to improve our standards and bring them at par with US standards. And as far as inculcating of spiritual values is concerned, it is a subject of informal education. This kind of education is received outside of the college or university campus, for example, in seminars, conferences, libraries, constructive journalism, and through magazines, discussions, and interactions. I too am involved in this work of informal education.