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Benefits of Hajj

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“And proclaim the Pilgrimage among men; they will come to you on foot and (mounted) on every kind of camel, lean on account of journeys through deep and distant mountain highways;That they may witness the benefits for them”. Al-Hajj (The Pilgrimage) Chapter 22: Verses 27-28

Almighty Allah had commanded Abraham to make a general proclamation of Hajj, the first reason given for this commandment is : “That they may come here and witness things that are of benefit to them”. That is to say that they may undertake the journey and assemble here and witness with their own eyes that it is intended for their benefit only and its advantages can be noticed only when a man personally experiences it by performing the task himself. Worldly benefits include trade, business and other commercial benefits. Most notable among these benefits are the purification of the soul, refinement of character, refreshing of one’s spirit and the spiritual training that takes place in the most honourable land on this earth.
In addition to the points made above, one may note some of the following benefits of Hajj:
1. A source of reflection as well as inspiration for the believers.
2. One of the greatest ways to remove sins.
3. An opportunity for the Muslim to demonstrate his complete submission and obedience to Allah.
4. One can witness the willingness of other humans to sacrifice for the sake of Allah.
5. Hajj helps us to realize the relationship between our faith and sacrifice.
7. A moving experience that immediately brings thoughts of the Day of Judgment to one’s mind.
8. Is a reminder to the believer that he is on a true, lifelong journey for which there is no return.
(Source: “Purification of the Soul” – By Jamal al-Din M. Zarabozo)

Hajj pilgrimage walk and pray around opened half cover of Kaaba. Suitable for info graphic.