College of Hadeeth and Islamic Studies A Unique University – Reviving the Past Glory of Hadeeth Education

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In the year 2005, Bangalore was blessed with the establishment of a unique Islamic Institution of excellence, with the aim and objective of Reviving the Glorious past of Hadeeth Education in India.

Kulliyatul Hadeeth (College of Hadeeth) under Imam Sayyid Nazeer Husain Ad Dehlawi University (Named after the great Indian Muhaddith (Scholar of Hadeeth , Sayyid Nadheer Husain Ad Dehlawi (RA)) started its operations with the first batch of students enrolled from different parts of India, offering the 3-year post-graduate level specialization in Hadeeth Sciences as per the Syllabus of Islamic University of Madeenah Saudi Arabia and under the guidance of Shaikh Dr. Wasiullah Abbas (Prof of Sunnah Ummul Qura University Makkah-Mufti of Haram), Shaikh Aneesur Rahman Azami Madani, Shaikh Dr RK Noor Madani (RA), Shaikh Zafar ul Hasan Madani, Shaikh Dr. Sayeed Ahmed Madani & Shaikh Taha Saeed Madani.

Realizing the importance of the Sunnah and our responsibility towards it, Alhamdulillah, the foundation was laid for the Imaam Sayyid Nazeer Husain Ad Dehlawi University in Bangalore – South India, and under it, the first Department of Hadeeth and Islamic Studies was started in the year 1426 Hijri corresponding to 2005.

Aims and Objectives:
• Service to the Prophetic Hadeeth and to be a recipient of the glad tiding given by our beloved Prophet Sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam:”May Allah keep the person Illuminated who preserves and propagates the hadeeth & sunnah.” (Musnad Ahmad Vol 5 Pg 183 Classified as Sahih By Shk Albani in Silsilah Sahihah Hadith No. 404).
• Revival of the Glorious Science of Hadeeth Education in India
• To prepare Experts & Specialist Scholars in Hadeeth & Islamic Studies
• To train Students to conduct Research on Hadeeth and Thesis work.
• Defense of Sunnah against the attacks from the Orientalists and the Rejectors Of Hadeeth
• To erase the Doubts created about Hadeeth and Sunnah
• To Highlight the contribution of Indian Scholars in the field of Hadeeth Sciences and bring out their works and publications in International Forums.
• Remove the Misguidance prevalent in the Masses and spread the true and pure Knowledge of Islam to Unite the Muslim Ummah.

Managed by HR Educational & Charitable Trust Bangalore, Alhamdhulillah till now 9 batches (125 students) have graduated completing the 3-year degree which has been accepted by Maulana Azad National University (MANU) for pursuing their Masters and various other PG courses.

Many of these graduates are pursuing their Masters’s and Ph.D. at various international universities and serving society in various capacities at Islamic institutions in India.

Alhamdulillah in the year 2018, a three-year evening course was started exclusively for working professionals and those brothers who were desirous of pursuing the journey of gaining authentic knowledge named after the great Indian Hadeeth Scholar Nawab Siddique Hasan Khan (RA)the institute of Arabic & Islamic Studies was launched.

As an extension of this college, a day batch was started exclusively for those women who were homemakers and were willing to study as day boarding students from 9:30 am to 12:40 pm Monday to Friday.

Admissions for the next academic year are open for all these Courses: For Further Details Contact: +91 80888 99868 /+91 80878 40964.