Don’t Miss Ramadan’s First Night:  A Special Program for Divine Blessings


Don’t Miss Ramadan’s First Night: A Special Program for Divine Blessings

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As Ramadan approaches, Muslims anticipate the first night with great reverence, as it holds unique significance. According to Prophetic hadiths, this night is distinguished by Allah’s favorable gaze upon His servants, offering them mercy and forgiveness.

To ensure one benefits from this divine favor, it is advised to engage in a special program tailored for the occasion:

1. Repentance: Resolve to refrain from evil deeds and sincerely repent for past wrongdoings.

2. Intention for Fasting: Make a firm intention to fast the entire month of Ramadan, seeking reward solely from Allah.

3. Night Dhikr: Engage in remembrance of Allah shortly before sunset on the last day of Sha`ban, preferably in the mosque.

4. Maghrib Prayer: Offer the Maghrib Prayer in congregation at the mosque (sisters may pray at home).

5. Spiritual Retreat: Sit in the mosque with the intention of itikaf, immersing oneself in dhikr and Qur’an recitation until Isha’ Prayer.

6. **Isha’ and Tarawih:** Pray Isha’ and Tarawih prayers with devotion and sincerity.

7. Spread Joy: Smile and extend warm Ramadan greetings to fellow Muslims.

8. Virtuous Deeds: Before sleeping, engage in acts of charity, Qur’an recitation, dhikr, or visiting the sick.

9. Suhur and Qiyam: Wake up for the predawn meal (suhur) and offer Qiyam al-Layl (Night Vigil Prayer) before Fajr.

10. Fajr Prayer: Attend the mosque for Fajr Prayer (sisters may pray at home).

11. Post-Fajr Devotion: Sit after Fajr, reciting Qur’an and making dhikr, and pray Duha after sunrise.

12. Supplication: Remember to pray for Muslims facing hardships worldwide.

13. Earnest Supplication: Throughout the night, fervently ask Allah for His mercy and forgiveness.

14. Encouragement: Encourage family and friends to partake in the blessings of Ramadan’s first night.

May Allah shower His favors and blessings upon all, guiding them to righteousness in this world and the hereafter. Amen.