King Mohammed VI Presides  Over Second Ramadan Lecture


King Mohammed VI Presides Over Second Ramadan Lecture

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RABAT: Amidst the solemn observance of Ramadan, King Mohammed VI presided over the second religious Ramadan lecture on Monday, with renowned Indian scholar Bahaudheen Muhammed Nadwi leading the proceedings.

The event, hosted today at the Royal Palace in Rabat, was broadcasted live on radio and television starting at 4:15 PM local time.

Hailing from the state of Kerala, India, Bahaudheen Muhammed Nadwi currently serves as the Vice Chancellor of Darul Huda Islamic University.

Recognized globally as one of the most influential Muslim scholars, Nadwi has authored and translated numerous books on Islamic disciplines and delivered lectures worldwide.

His prominence extends to memberships in esteemed national and international organizations, including the International Union of Muslim Scholars.

Meanwhile, in line with the spirit of Ramadan, King Mohammed VI announced a substantial budget allocation of MAD 347 million ($36.8 million) for “Operation Ramadan 1445.”

Managed by the Mohammed V Foundation, this initiative aims to extend assistance to nearly 5 million individuals across Morocco.

The campaign focuses on distributing essential food items such as flour, milk, rice, oil, and sugar to those in need, highlighting the monarchy’s commitment to uplifting vulnerable communities during this holy month.

The royal leadership’s commitment to philanthropy during the holy month highlights Morocco’s dedication to supporting its citizens, particularly in times of spiritual significance.