Reviving Tradition: Dubai’s Ramadan  Iftar Cannon Embraces Modernity


Reviving Tradition: Dubai’s Ramadan Iftar Cannon Embraces Modernity

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In Dubai, the tradition of awaiting the Ramadan cannon for iftar holds deep significance, blending heritage with modernity.

For eight years, Lt. Col. Abdulla Tarish Al-Amimi has been synonymous with this tradition, announcing the iftar cannon with the iconic word “fire,” a moment broadcast live on television.

Al-Amimi emphasizes the importance of this tradition, noting its resilience amid societal changes. Despite Dubai’s evolution, the cannon remains a cherished symbol that resonates across generations.

This cultural practice draws both tourists and locals alike, symbolizing the unity of tradition and innovation. Visitors like Anastasiia Chetverikov from Russia find it a fascinating glimpse into Ramadan festivities, while for American Elizabeth Ibrahim, it encapsulates the spirit of the holy month.

But why the cannon? This custom dates back to 10th-century Egypt under the Fatimid caliphate, where a cannon signaled iftar time.

In Dubai, the main cannon stationed at Expo City near Al-Wasl Plaza marks the second Hai Ramadan celebrations. This event features traditional Emirati decor and treats like luqaimat and Arabic coffee. Amidst performances and storytelling sessions, Hai Ramadan captures the essence of the holy month.

As Dubai continues to blend tradition with innovation, the Ramadan iftar cannon stands as a beacon of cultural pride, bridging the past with the present in a celebration that embraces both heritage and modernity.