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Birth Date Error

Letters to Editor
An Islamic Jurisprudence Centre
Dec. 2013 Issue was Excellent

The April 2015 issue of Islamic Voice had an error in the news item related to Shahir Amar Shaikh. His date of birth was mentioned as October 20, 2016. We are still in 2015. So kindly make the correction and mention the correct date of birth.
Since the inception of Islamic Voice in 1987, I have been reading this esteemed magazine regularly. It is highly informative and also publishes Islamic issues globally. I sincerely pray to Almighty Allah to give prosperity to Islamic Voice as a magazine with a very long life. I wish the team at Islamic Voice grand success in all their endeavors.

K.M Mammad Kutty
Chaliyam House, Cheruvannur

Thank you very much for pointing out the error. We truly appreciate your effort and thank you for your very encouraging kind words about Islamic Voice. We regret the error and the correct date of birth of Shahir Amar Shaikh is October 20, 1916.