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It was indeed very refreshing to read the article “Change or Perish” by Maqbool Ahmed Siraj in the August 2014 of Islamic Voice, a journal from the subcontinent. It is heartening to note such bold journalism, lest they be branded as diversionists. I also would like to recall another two such articles/discussion earlier in your journal on the topics, “Loans availed from Banks”, which discussed in detail about its validity as per the shari’ah taking into consideration the inflation in the economy and also a piece on “Punishment prescribed in Quran for Adultery”, which is very clearly 100 lashes, whether married or unmarried and not death by stoning. We, as a community have invariably failed to understand the marked difference between shari’ah and fiqh, and frequently have used these two synonymously and as part of one another. There is an urgent need to separate these two and focus ourselves on Shari’ah which is the divine law, as stated in crystal clear terms in the Qur’an and implemented by the Prophet (Pbuh). Instead, most of our religion today is focused on fiqh, traditions, hearsay, wrong interpretations and outdated literature. Unless we stop ridiculing the idea of rationality in Islam and change ourselves for the good, we are destined to perish.
We should consciously put an earnest effort in understanding the correct Islamic history and its golden period(1 A.H ““ 500 A.H), and not just make it sacred and forget about it.
Syed Ajazul Huq, [email protected]