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Campaign for Cleanliness in Muslim Neighbourhoods

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A visit to some of the government hospitals (or even statistical information from health department) will reveal that mostly people from unhealthy Muslim neighbourhoods suffer from diseases like Diarrhoea, Gastroenteritis, Cholera, Malaria, Chikkangunia, Dengue, etc. Root cause of all these diseases is the garbage, filth and flies. Their area is always stinking of dirty smell from the putrefying garbage. Water supplies get contaminated with the garbage/filth. Also in many areas, the citizens themselves make holes in the pipe lines to get easy access to water, but in the process, the water gets contaminated. People living around such garbage heaps should keep a vigil and take all steps to ensure no one throws garbage in open plots not meant for garbage disposal. They should identify 2-3 places for garbage dumping Anyone throwing garbage anywhere else should be punished through payment of penalty to the local mosque/committee, that is empowered to monitor and ensure neighborhood cleanliness.
Syed Muqeemuddin
[email protected], Ph: 96200 44775