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Grand Claims about Glass Mosque

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The article published in Islamic Voice (November 2012) about Shillong Muslim Union and the glass mosque is totally false as Mr Syedullah Nongrum has been falsely representing the Muslims of Shillong, as no local Muslims of Shillong recognise or accept him as the general secretary of Shillong Muslim Union. Moreover, the glass mosque he claims to have built under his leadership is also false as it was done against the will of local Muslims of Shillong. The mosque is built in the Laban Eidgah and it is not the property of the Shillong Muslim Union. You can even confirm this with any social organization in Shillong and the list is here: The Laban Muslim Panchayat, the Laban Kabaristan Committee, the Laban Muslim Youth Association, Dargah Shareef Caretaker Committee, and the Laban Mosque Committee.
General Secretary
Laban Muslim Youth Association [email protected]
aameer Nongbri