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We want to publish Assamese Edition of Islamic Voice to be circulated here in Assam. Please inform us about the details. How
could this be possible?

Toufiqul Hussain
[email protected]

Editor replies: You need registration for the newspaper in Assamese language from the Registrar of Newspapers in India (RNI). Kindly go to their website and check the details. There might be a regional office of RNI in Assam or the North East. Some people are bringing out Islamic Voice in Telugu in Andhra Pradesh. Secondly, your principal area and audience being Assam and Assamese speaking people, you need to focus on news and issues of people there. These may be quite different from what Islamic Voice in English carries. You will need to develop a regional vision and version for all these. What concerns our readers in English with a pan-Indian readership, may not necessarily be shared by people in a region like Assam.