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Name of Allah

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My name is Jasmin (Bayram) Adrovic and I write to you from Tuzla ““ Bosnia and Herzegovina. I work at a faculty as an assistant at the department of zoology. Besides, I am a post-graduate student at the Faculty of Sciences in Sarajevo. Lately, doing my masters degree work in cytogenetics on “Examination of genotoxic effects of some frequencies of low-voltage electric current to the meristematic cells (Allium cepa L.)” I spotted on one prepared slide a strange structure of the genetic material, which believe it or not forms the name of Allah – (Arabic: الله Allah) is the Arabic word for God in Islam. This word has related concepts in other Semitic languages, like Elah in Aramaic or Elohim in Hebrew, which have the etymological root in the word Allah likely. A distinguished mentor Prof. Dr. Izet Eminovic and many other professors suggest that I send the photography to the media and explain the whole thing.
Here is the link to the website.
Jasmin Adrovic
Tuzia, Email: [email protected]