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Putting the Cart Before the Horse

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I read with interest the article, “Tipu University- A Needless Controversy” by Dr. Javeed Nayeem in the February 2013 issue of Islamic Voice. The author has very well analyzed the issues dispassionately and needs to be complimented for it.
The project of establishing a minority institution at Srirangapatna is very much at drawing board level. The land is not yet identified. The necessary approvals are yet to be taken. As the author rightly points out, whether this university sees the light of the day or not is still uncertain. It is just an abstract idea. But unfortunately, our leaders are very keen to rush to the media and make a grand announcement. Of course, we have heard many announcements on many other issues earlier too, which were quickly forgotten. Our community easily falls for such promises.
What we need is that those in power should first implement the proposals successfully and then claim credit for them. We cannot give accolades for mere wishful thinking. When the idea of this university itself is in such a nascent stage, giving it a name, is like putting the cart before the horse. The naming ceremony comes at the very end and not at the beginning. The sad part of the story is that in this case, the haste to take mileage from Tipu Sultan’s name has created a needless controversy and has put the very project in peril.
Syed Tahsin Ahmed, (KAS-Retd),
Bangalore, [email protected]