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Saying of Khwaja Mu’inuddin Chishti
No Freedom to Sacrilege
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Trees in the Quran

Tahsin Ahmed’s article in the Islamic Voice, June 2022″ on Importance of Tree Planting” is very elaborative in content. It will be good if Islamic Voice publishes an article on trees mentioned in the Quran.

A. Kaja Nazimudeen,
Deputy Director of Agriculture (Retired)
Eruvadi Tirunelveli District

Religions Teach Love, Not Hate

According to Islamic teachings, all human beings are the children of Adam (AS), which indicates that all are brothers and sisters. What does the word “relation” mean? It means love and care for each other, sometimes it forces one to sacrifice his or her own precious life to protect each other.
Every religion in this world teaches us not to hate, but to love and respect each other and to take care of animals too.
World history also shows that hate does not last long, it causes chaos in the world which is temporary. It is up to the citizens of every country or nation to unite and stand for love and not hate.

Arif Hussain.S.M