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The article “Debunking Myths – Centre of the Earth” is very thought-provoking. The writer has rightly said that “Islam does not need miracles to prove it’s truthfulness”. I don’t understand why people invent these theories. What if the claim is true? Will it increase our regard for the religion? Our submission to Allah is complete and unconditional, irrespective of whether scientific theories are true or false. Our faith will not decrease if the Kaaba is in a corner of the Earth. If the authors have invented these theories to glorify Allah and Kaaba, the effort is meaningless. Because Allah is the creator of the whole of universe and you find unique features in His countless creations. The best attribute of the Kaaba is its acceptance as the qibla by Muslims. Wherever they are, they pray in the direction of the Kaaba. My humble request to all those people who are doing research is to do research on those matters which will benefit not only Muslims, but the rest of humanity as well.

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