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“Halaltripinfo.com” is a web portal that will address the Muslim travellers’ need to find locations for holidays from India and other Global Destinations that allow him or her to practise their religion without any inconvenience. This website works with various hotels and restaurants and encourages them to welcome Muslim guests to their hotels by having the direction of the “Qibla” mentioned in each room along with a prayer mat. We will also show you the closest mosque ( Depending on Availability ) from your hotel location along with any restaurants that serve “Halal/Muslim/Veg” food. Our research team will add new holiday destinations, hotels and restaurants from within countries that are most visited. “Halaltripinfo.com” will give you the comfort of short listing places of visit and restaurants to eat based on its database that it has created for the Muslim traveller. We can be your guide in trying to ensure that you are able to practice your religion where ever you go in the world.
Bilal Thakur, Co-Founder and Owner
Halal Trip Info, www.halaltripinfo.com
[email protected]