Ravish Kumar: A Journalist Unyielding to Compromise


Ravish Kumar: A Journalist Unyielding to Compromise

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In an era when India’s mainstream media faced accusations of acquiescence to the government, Ravish Kumar emerged as a steadfast journalist who refused to compromise his principles. While some in the media succumbed to external pressures, Ravish Kumar’s commitment to truth and honesty became a beacon of journalistic integrity. The term “Dock Media” gained popularity, synonymous with a form of journalism marked by its lack of scruples.

Born in 1975 in a small village in East Champaran, Bihar, Ravish Kumar’s journey took him from Patna, where he completed high school, to Delhi’s Deshbandu College, where he pursued a Post Graduate Diploma in Journalism in Hindi. His entry into NDTV in 1994 marked the beginning of a remarkable career. Programs like Prime Time, Hum Log, Ravish’s Report, and Desh Ki Baat not only gained recognition in India but also earned him acclaim internationally.

Known for his honesty, dedication to his profession, and fearless critique of those in power, Ravish Kumar became a thorn in the side of the government. Despite facing threats, vilification on social media, and attempts to force him out of his job, Ravish Kumar remained resilient.

However, the dynamics shifted when the Adani group acquired NDTV, the channel Ravish Kumar worked for. Facing a compromised media landscape, Ravish Kumar resigned from NDTV on November 30, 2022. With no mainstream channel upholding his principles, he turned to YouTube, launching a small news channel.

To his surprise, Ravish Kumar discovered a massive following for honest journalism. Opening his YouTube channel garnered one million subscribers within a day and surpassed six million subscribers within a year. Now, India’s most honest journalist fights for truth through alternative media.

Ravish Kumar’s impact on journalism extends beyond his online presence. In 2019, he received the prestigious Ramon Magsaysay Award, the highest honor in journalism, and twice earned the Ramnath Goenka Excellence in Journalism Award. Additionally, he was recognized on World Press Freedom Day in 2023 with the Universit√© libre de Bruxelles Award, considered one of the world’s most important journalism accolades.

Apart from his journalistic contributions, Ravish Kumar is an accomplished author with several books to his name, including “The Free Voice: On Democracy, Culture and the Nation” and “Ishq Mein Shahar Hona.”

Ravish Kumar stands as a symbol of unwavering journalistic principles, and his resilience in the face of challenges serves as an inspiration for those who value the pursuit of truth.