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Jewelry has always had a special relationship with women. It is said that jewelry is the greatest weakness of women. There will be few women who don’t like to wear jewelry, but even those women who are not crazy about it still wear half a piece of jewelry on special occasions. There are also some ornaments that are not made of any precious metal or diamonds but they are also attributed to women. Such as modesty, good manners, good values, and above all the jewel of education, if a woman is adorned with all these jewels, then no one is richer than her. But unfortunately, the ratio of female education is still very low compared to other developing countries. It is generally believed that women are educated and educated to become housewives. So why study more? The way of thinking is not correct. Gold, silver, diamonds, jewels, and pearls are more ornaments, shame, inspiration,, and education. Girls and women need to pay more attention to this. If a girl is very beautiful, has a lot of jewels, even if she is rich, despite all this, if she is shameless and immoral, she has no value. Rather, people do not hesitate to draw wrong conclusions about such girls. Need to pay more attention to real jewelry than artificial jewelry.