Quranic Wisdom for a Balanced Personality

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The Disease of Expectations


The goal of the Qur’an is to make a person a balanced personality through the right training. For this purpose, the Qur’an has given human beings a training principle in these words:
“Do not grieve over what you have lost. And do not be proud of what He has given you.” (57:23)
According to the Creator’s plan, such is the desired personality for human being. This personality is formed only by undergoing many experiences.
Study enhances one’s knowledge. But experience creates a wave in a person’s personality. Experiences come in many forms. These experiences awaken the human mind. They activate a person’s personality. Experiences enable a person to think more deeply. That is why human beings grow in the direction of perfection only through experience.
Theoretical knowledge can inform a person, but such knowledge alone is not enough to lead a successful life in the true sense of the term. Success requires that a person have the ability to think based on facts and to plan their actions wisely. This attribute does not arise in a person without experience.
No one is born with a balanced personality. A balanced personality is developed through study and experience. A person should think on the basis of reality. One should make oneself a mature personality through thinking based on reality. This is a self preparation course. By going through this course of self-construction, one becomes a person who is eligible to reach the goal of high success.