The Major Significance of Qurbani

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The Quran outlines three key aspects of qurbani:
1. The Purpose and Method of Qurbani: Qurbani should be performed with the intention of worshipping God and drawing closer to Him. The ritual is to be carried out by mentioning God’s name over the animals, which are then sacrificed in a humane manner.

2. The Spiritual Value: The act of qurbani is not about the physical attributes of the sacrifice, such as the flesh or blood reaching God, but rather the devotion and fear of God that the act symbolizes.

3. The Outcomes of the Sacrifice: The meat from the qurbani is meant to be distributed among the needy, the poor, and the family of the person offering the sacrifice. This act of charity and sharing reflects the communal and spiritual benefits of the practice.

Allah says in the Quran:
“As for the charitable offerings of camels and cattle at the Hajj-Pilgrimage, We have made the benefit of sacrificing them among the prescribed rituals and waymarks of Allah for you. In them, there is much good for you. So mention the name of Allah over them as they stand in ranks for sacrifice. Then when they collapse upon their flanks, you may butcher their meat to eat of them yourselves and to feed both the self-restrained needy and the suppliant poor. Thus have We subjugated the sacrificial animals to feed you all, so that you may all give thanks to Allah. Never shall any part of their flesh nor their blood reach Allah. But rather, it is your devotion inspired by the fear of Allah in you that reaches Him. Therefore has He subjugated them to you, that you shall extol Allah, the Creator, for the blessing of faith to which He has guided you. So give glad tidings to those who excel in doing good.” (Surat Hajj, 22:36-37).

These verses highlight the primary objective of qurbani: to provide fresh, nutritious meat to those in need and to express gratitude to Allah for His blessings.