The Quran: An Eternal Wonder

“Verily, in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find rest”
Islamic Identity – The Muslim’s Purpose of Life

Javed Jamil

The Quran is not an ordinary work of an ordinary mortal, but a Singular, Supreme and Majestic Work of a Singular, Supreme and Majestic Author, God, the Creator, and the Lord of the Multi-World. The Quran itself categorically declares that it is for all times to come, for all parts of the world and for all future human generations. The Quran is a comprehensive work, with a unique and unparalleled prescription for a holistic system. It includes the articles of faith, law, history, and morality, with the twin aims of success in this life and the Hereafter.
The Quran points towards the Laws of Nature that govern the universe and its various constituents, both physical as well as biological. The Quran points to the functioning of the universe, every component of which, even if unconsciously due to its inherent nature, instead of free will, precisely follows the Laws of Nature, created, and enforced by God. It tells humans, endowed with free will, to consciously commit themselves to God, individually and collectively, for ensuring peace and harmony in the world. The Quran guarantees a phenomenally successful life in the Hereafter for those who follow it with total commitment.
The world today, despite its apparently advanced and sophisticated ways of living, is overpowered with chaos at every level. The current international system, which many proudly call New World Order, appears to be highly advanced in method but is a colossal failure in the results. At the individual level, notwithstanding huge advancement of the healthcare system, physical, mental, and spiritual illnesses are ever on the rise. At the family level, the disintegration of family is fast becoming the norm rather than an exception. At the social level, the ever-rising crime rate, social and economic exploitation, commercialisation of all forms of dangerous substances and practices, including sexual deviations, addictions and crimes, and various kinds of extremist movements working in the interest of certain forces have almost completely destroyed the peace of life. It is in the background of this asphyxiating disruption of harmony that the Quran needs to be understood and applied in all spheres of life.
The contest today is not between different religions. The real contest is between religion and irreligion; between the scientific (or healthy) morality preached by Divine Messengers and the commercial morality propagated by the tyrannical monarchs of the business world; and between the ‘comprehensive peace’ propagated by the Scriptures and the ‘materialistic peace’ imposed by the forces and powers that rule the roost. It is incumbent on the followers of the Quran to campaign for the eradication of all forms of evils. They must strive for the ultimate purpose of the unity of the whole mankind, founded on the principles of universal peace and brotherhood through total commitment to God.
(Based on excerpts from the author’s recently released book, A Systematic Study of the Holy Qur’an)

(The author is currently Chair in Islamic Studies & Research, Yenepoya University, Mangalore)
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