The Role of Hajj in Eradicating Racism

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Hajj is a great conference of the Muslim nation. A big opportunity to purify the human heart. It is the golden time to remove all ego from the heart. Hajj is a place of peace. A place to strengthen mutual bonds. A journey to gain God’s pleasure and proximity. Ocean of thought for thinkers to dive into. From where the dirt of the mind, pride, envy, and hatred are cleared. There is no royal court, parliament, or association in the world where there is no variation in rank and role. It is rare in history that the king and his subjects to eat in one row, in one chair, and in one pot. What a secret is hidden in the field of Hajj. Heads of state, prime ministers, ministers, MPs, leaders, billionaires, millionaires, businessmen, teachers or common people of all the powerful states of the world forget all false arrogance, bravado, socio-political-economic status for a few days. Even those who never go outside without a high-level security system or special protocol forget all those worries. Because Allah is the best protector. The white people who behave racistly with the skin colour of the black people, despise them, laugh at them, there is a wonderful change. Those who don’t wear anything except expensive clothes, shoes, watches, and sunglasses of world-famous brands, those who use AC in house, car, or office because they think it will be hot, and those who don’t go out for fear of the sun, how those people change in a moment. One chant on everyone’s lips: That is,’I am present, O Allah, I am present, you have no partner, all praise and blessings are yours alone, all kingdoms are yours.’

Indeed, all praise belongs to Allah alone. Who else is so majestic besides Him? Who has gathered all the kingsof the world, rich and poor, white and black, millionaires, billionaires, arrogant fakirs or insolent people in one row, brought them to Arafat in the hot sun, on the ground in Muzdalifah without any comfortable chairs or sofas. Who else can be a better planner?

Hajj is a type of economic worship. Hajj is a wonderful combination of spiritual, physical, and financial worship at the same time. Hajj means renewing faith. In Hajj only the desire to gain the pleasure of Allah is absolutely necessary. No otherworldly purpose, interest, or attraction is desirable in the Hajj journey towards Baitullah. Hajj once in a lifetime is obligatory upon every healthy, adult, intelligent, and capable Muslim man and woman. After that, every time Hajj is performed, it will be considered Nafal.

People usually wear a shroud when they die. But during Hajj people have to wear Ihram cloth or shroud cloth while alive. Just as a dead person bids farewell to his family, so a person on a journey to perform the holy Hajj pays all debts while he is alive, repents for wrongdoings, bids farewell to family, relatives, friends, wealth, houses, and so on.One has to give up the allurement of money, expensive jewellery, hobbies and seek the satisfaction of the great Lord alone. That is, Hajj teaches people to sacrifice. It is more difficult for a living person to leave the illusion of so much that it is difficult for a dead person to leave everything and travel to the land of the grave. From this it can be understood that Hajj is the name of great sacrifice and test in human life. Hajj reminds us to put on the shroud and leave our relatives for the journey to the hereafter. One should go to the court of Allah with a heart as pure as the cloth of Ihram, because Allah does not like those who are corrupt in heart, proud and arrogant. Humans are very weak. So pride is totally incompatible with humans. Man has nothing to be proud of.

Hajj has political, social, and international significance. Because Islam is not a religion with some rules only. Islam is the name of The Complete Code of Life. Islam is a religion of peace and beauty. A religion of equality and friendship. A religion of universal brotherhood. And there is a great opportunity to strengthen the bonds of world brotherhood in the field of Hajj. Islam is a religion of welfare, humanity and public service. The welfare of the world Muslim community is sought during Hajj. There is no place for racism in Islam.

The soul of Hajj is sincerity. In Hajj, like all other acts of worship, one must be sincere. In other words, performing Hajj is only to attain the pleasure and closeness of Allah Ta’ala. Any worldly gain such as worldliness, fame, etc. is contrary to the main purpose of Hajj. So sincerity is very important. No deed without sincerity is accepted in the court of the great Lord. The Prophet (peace be upon him) said, “Whoever does a good deed to preach to the people, Allah Ta’ala will inform the people of the true purpose of his deed.” And whoever does a good deed for the sake of showing off to the people, Allah will reveal his true intentions to the people (Bukhari, Muslim). For this reason, one should pray to Allah for the acceptance of Hajj. The Prophet (pbuh) used to make this dua, O Allah! Accept my Hajj as a Hajj free from hypocrisy and desire for fame (Bukhari).